Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

This Program is designed to develop the general competencies, tied to the core courses that will permit students to:

Every student that is a candidate for graduation from any of the majors of the Teacher Education Programs, who have been admitted or readmitted since August of 2009, must:

  1. Have obtained a minimum general academic grade point average of 3.00.
  2. Have obtained a minimum academic grade point average of 3.00 in the major.
  3. Have obtained a minimum grade of B in the course of Clinical Experiences II (Practice Teaching course).


Graduation Grade Point Indexes for Students Admitted or Re-admitted to the Teacher Education Program before August of 2009

Academic year of Graduation General Index in Core, Major and Specialization Courses
2009-2011 2.50
2011-2014 2.80
2014-2015 and beyond 3.00

Teacher Certification

Students interested in obtaining the teacher certification to teach in Puerto Rico, must fulfill the current requirements of the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. This applies to students who aspire to be certified by the traditional route, the alternating route or by recertification.

Likewise, students who wish to obtain a teaching certification of another territory, state of the United States of North America or another place of origin, must meet the requirements established in the corresponding jurisdiction.