Teacher Effectiveness

Teacher Effectiveness

During the 2019-2020 academic year, TEP faculty members developed a matrix of competences based on the TEP graduate profile and courses. The professors determined the competence, the assessment activity, defined the matrix, defined the instrument to evaluate the assessment, administered the activity, evaluated the results and established corrective measures if necessary. For

TEP Program use Tk20 for the assessment process. The program is an online tool by Watermark use by TEP Program for students to help them for prepare to become professionals, educators, and leaders. Tk20 is also used to collect, manage, analyze, and report data needed for program improvement.

The table below summarizes Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) by nowledge, skills and attitude with their aligned courses and results for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Outcomes Courses Results
SLO 1: Knowledge EDUC 2031, EDUC 2021, EDUC 2022 Met
SLO 2: Knowledge EDUC 3188, ENGL, 3400, EDUC 4552 Met
SLO 3: Knowledge EDUC 1080 Met
SLO 4: Knowledge EDUC 3570 Partially Met
SLO 5: Knowledge EDUC 3053 Met
SLO 6: Skills ENGL 3073, ENGL 3320, ENGL 4073, EDUC 3420 Partially Met
SLO 7: Skills EDUC 2055 Met
SLO 8: Skills EDUC 3013, ENGL, 3330, ENGL 3350 Met
SLO 9: Skills EDUC 3440, EDUC 4011 Partially Met
SLO 10: Skills EDUC 2057, EDUC 4012 Met
SLO 11: Skills EDUC 2060 Met
SLO 12: Skills EDUC 2906 In progress
SLO 13: Skills EDUC 1080 In progress
SLO 14: Attitude EDUC 3015 In progress
SLO 15: Attitude EDUC 3015 In progress
SLO 16: Attitude EDUC 1080 In progress
SLO 17: Attitude EDUC 4013 In progress