Impact on P-12 Learning

Impact on P-12 Learning

The Impact on P-12 Learning is representative by the results of Pruebas METAS (Alterna y Regular) in Ponce School Region by Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE).

The assessment, through standardized tests, META-PR and META-PR Alterna, measures the achievement of each student based on the curriculum and learning activities that are developed in the classroom. Both tests are aligned with the 2014 Content and Expectations Standards, approved by PRDE. Standardized tests measure the performance of students in various subjects and grades. For students identified with significant cognitive impairments that cannot be assessed with regular measurement tests, even with the provision of accommodations, an alternative assessment is provided to address their needs and gain participation.

The table below present schools in which internship students participated in 2018-2019. The results represented the percent of proficiency by grade. At the end of the table are total of students take the test and average per grade. The average for all students was 64.15%.

School name Type of test Participants Proficiency by grade (percentage)
3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th  
Ramón Marín Alterna 72         100 100  
CROEV Regular 24              
Santa Teresita Regular 111 55 42 48        
Josefina Boya Regular 122 71 65 30        
Lucy Grillasca Alterna y Regular 96 76 48 58        
Sor Isolina Ferrer Regular 331       24 48 54  
Hermina García Regular 258 86 85 58        
Hemeterio Colón Regular 295       33 56 62  
Total & Average  64.15 1309 72 60 48.5 28.5 68 72  
Source: Departamento de Educación de Puerto Rico. (2019). Perfil Escolar 2018-2019 Pruebas Estandarizadas Departamento de Educación de Puerto Rico.